Tuesday, December 14, 2010

GMAT Score - 670 (Q46, V36)

Thanks everyone, for your wishes and mails. Finally, I took the GMAT yesterday. Already seems like a long time ago. Here are my scores.

Q 46 - 75th percentile
V 36 - 78th percentile
Total - 670 - 84th percentile

Do you think this is worth a re-take? Please send me your thoughts and suggestions! Thanks!


Jb said...

Hey, I just started following your blog. Looks like you retook Gmat. Dont know abt your previous attempt but your score now is not bad at all (dont know what skools you're targeting though). Congrats on getting the devil out of your way :P

Just had a look at your mock scores, was really amazed at the differential b/w your GMATPrep 1 and GMATPrep 2 scores. What do you think could be the reason!

Curious said...

Hey congrats! Where are you applying? Does this come somewhere in the 80% GMAT score bracket of those schools? Most schools have a average of 680. the top ones have a lower end as 660-680 in their 80% bracket. So it all depends.

In anycase I've realised even the 730s are edgy about their chances, so that confusion will always prevail through the application process. Which round are you applying?

aimingformba said...

@Jb: Thanks! My GMAT Prep I was 590 and GMAT Prep II was a 580, just the day before the exam. I suppose I was overconfident. This was the first GMAT attempt.

aimingformba said...

@Curious: Thanks! I think I will have to submit only in round 3, to see if my GMAT score can be improved. 670 is no where in the class profile of my target schools.

Nick said...

congratulate! i guess you should not retake. it' is better to concentrate to another parts of application.