Friday, May 21, 2010

Inequalities – Help!

Yesterday, I was going through the chapter on inequalities, to refresh my memory and it turns out that I promptly fell asleep! Without having read a full page. So people, if anyone out there is reading this, please suggest some interesting material to master this one.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Progress in week 15

I managed to accomplish very little this weekend. Completed the SC, CR, RC and AWA on Princeton Review and moved on to the warm up test. This has 20 questions in Maths and 20 questions in verbal and each section has to be completed within 30 minutes. I scored only 10/20 in Maths and 15/20 in verbal. On reviewing the Maths again, found that 5 out the 10 wrong were careless errors. What was I thinking? On the other hand, verbal was quite accurate. When I repeated the questions I got wrong, I found that I got them wrong again, which indicates concept error. Atleast, here's something I can work on.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Progress in week 16

I completed the Kaplan Math Foundations book this week. Working on Princeton Review, Cracking the GMAT. Completed the first 12 chapters in Princeton Review. It's light and fun reading, exactly the kind of book that would give you a feel for what the test is about. Since I'm done with the Maths part in the Princeton Review book, I'm going in for verbal now. I've heard good reviews about the verbal strategies in this book, so it should be easy to get the verbal part done.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Done with Geometry

Finally! I've covered Geometry and Co-ordinate Geometry and am working on Algebra now. This is something that I'm good at, so expecting to complete the two chapters in a day. Then, I will have to write down all the formulas for the chapters covered so far, and revise the chapters again, so that I get a decent score on my first practice test. 

The thing about practice tests, or any tests for that matter is that I get quite depressed when I score badly. So I keep putting off taking the test infinitely. One of the reasons I started blogging is to give myself a slight nudge in the direction of these tests.

Stumbling on Happiness

Happiness! That one feeling towards which all our actions are directed...Dan Gilbert, ceaselessly entertaining, explains in his book, why we could be sadly mistaken in our predictions of our happiness. Imagine that! You might be dead wrong in what you think could make you happy. On the brighter side, what you think could break you, might not be so bad after all :-)

Friday, May 7, 2010

Progress in week 17

Last week, I started with Geometry and as I followed my study guide, I was swamped with all the formulas from Geometry and decided to work on a book that would explain things better. I am almost done with Geometry chapter on the Kaplan Math Foundation book now and find that I'm actually enjoying it! However, because of this, the rest of my study plan has taken a hit. There's no point in rushing if things are not clear. I'm doing Co-ordinate Geometry from the same book and a few chapters in Algebra are remaining.