Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Review of the New Beat the GMAT Practice Questions

A cool product is launching today, the new Beat the GMAT Practice Questions. Features that I loved:
  1. Adaptive Practice - A BIG plus. If I get too many easy problems, I get over confident. If I get too many hard ones, I get depressed and never want to see a GMAT problem for at least a day. Adaptive practice gives you the right fit and helps you know where you stand. 
  2. Difficulty Level of Questions - I've really, really wished for this feature on all practice CATS, especially the GMAT Prep CATs. Beat the GMAT does a really good job on this.
  3. Flag option - Useful for questions you're unsure of and want to review later. With the numerous CATs that I'm taking I don't find time to review this category and generally miss out on reviewing questions I guessed on because I don't remember the question number. This option would be useful for attacking this category.
  4. Non Repeated Questions - I seriously don't want to spend my time doing a question I've already worked on and got right for the tenth time! I have better things to do with my time. Definite plus.
  5. Crisp video explanations - How many times have you read an explanation that didn't quite cut it? BTG does a neat job of explanations.
  6. Quality, Accessibility - Quality questions, accessible from anywhere. Completely online - Come on, who wants to carry books to office and let the whole world know that you're preparing for the GMAT?
  7. User Interface - Simple, non-cluttered and great to work with user interface. 
  8. 30 day money back guarantee -  I doubt you'll ever need to use this, but still.
Check out the product here! I'm allowed access to a few reviewer's accounts for this review, which I'll be happy to share with the readers of this blog. Thanks to Beat the GMAT for a great product!


Neena said...

I would love to review the new practice questions! ;-) How do I "sign up"?

aimingformba said...

@Neena: Send your mail id to aimingformba@gmail.com